What Is It – Music ?

What Is It – Music ?.


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Sauerkraut – 800 g (1 lb 12 oz)

Dried Mushrooms – 40 to 50 g (1 1/2 to 1 3/4)

Onions – 2

Parsley – 1 root

Celery – 1 root

Carrot – 1 root

Potatoes – 1 or 2

Fresh tomato – 1 or tomato paste 2 table spoons

Butter – 2 table spoons

Salt, sugar, green dill, parsley, sour cream

Mince sauerkraut and stew it in a covered casserole until tender adding butter, 2 or 3 table spoons of water and a dint of sugar. Dip rinsed mushrooms into water, soak for 2 hours and boil them in the same water. Strain the mushrooms, cut as noodles, saute in butter and add to the sauerkraut, pour in the mushroom broth. Add diced and separately boiled potatoes, shredded roots baked with tomato paste as well as slightly browned onions. Add salt and sugar, let stand for 15 to 20 minutes and serve with sour cream and minced greens.


According to age-old tradition, sour shchi are served with baked potato pudding with mushrooms or beef, pies, rye bread and kalitkas with kasha filling.


Щи из квашеной капусты с грибами

Квашеная капуста – 800 г

Сушёные грибы – 40-50 г

Репчатый лук – 2

Петрушка – 1 корень

Сельдерей – 1 корень

Морковка – 1 корень

Картофель – 1-2

Помидор – 1 или 2 столовые ложки томатной пасты

Сливочное масло – 2 столовые ложки

Соль, сахар, зелень укропа и петрушки, сметана

Квашеную капусту мелко нарезать и тушить в кастрюле под крышкой до мягкости с добавлением масла, 2-3 столовых ложек воды и щепотки сахара. Промытые грибы замочить в воде, оставить на 2 часа для набухания и отварить в той же воде. Грибы отцедить, нарезать лапшой, обжарить в масле и присоединить к капусте, влить грибной отвар. Добавить нарезанный кубиками и отдельно сваренный картофель, нашинкованные коренья, обжаренные с томатной пастой, а также спассерованный лук. Приправить солью, сахаром, дать 15-20 минут настояться и подавать со сметаной и мелко нарезанной свежей зеленью.

К кислым щам по давней традиции подают картофельную запеканку сгрибами или мясом, пирожки, ломти чёрного ржаного хлеба, калитки с кашами.


Bon Appetit !

Your Chef Marichka


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Why you should not work alone ?
The Sequoia Tress, sometimes are known as red woods, are the tallest trees in the world.
But did you know they have the smallest tap roots of any tree ? In fact, they hardly have a tap root at all. So, how do they grow so tall and so strong without falling over from strong winds and storms ?
Let’s find out.
The unique sequoia tree root system produces the tallest (and strongest) trees in the world even without the tap roots. Their root structure is only several feet below ground level but it spreads out so far that it entangles and crisscrosses the roots of other sequoias around them. Together the root system cooperatively anchors each individual tree making it stronger from the additional support of it’s neighbors.
That’s the lesson to be learned here.
This teaches us that co-operation is the key to growing strength and can be applied in your business. Look. Why take on all the stress of building your business alone when in both IVV and XC you have experienced business builders surrounding you ? All you have to do is ask. You could join the EzBiz Team, use their Team Speak program, or use skype to contact other, more experienced XC or IVV members  to guide you. Ask admin for assistance.
It’s simple.
If cooperation is the key to successful growth, ask yourself this question:
“What are you doing, cooperatively, to help yourself contribute to the growth of your business ? Who are you talking to ?”
Some sequoia trees are a couple thousands of years old. Testimony to the strength and success of their unique cooperative root system. You don’t have time to wait that long. You need to rethink what you are doing and take action now.
You will love your business when it starts paying you money. So, stop trying to do it all by yourself and go to the meetings, reach out to our experienced members for help and start cooperating.
It’s a known fact.
Isolationism is not natural state for human beings.
The very act of cooperating with others creates a synergy of shared experiences and ideas that you can use in your own business.
Xclusive Contacts welcomes and promotes cooperation between members.
From experience we know that this is the path toward success. The longest lived tallest and strongest trees in the world prove it.
Who can say trees can’t send messages ?
You know it makes sense !
Thank you for reading.
On behalf of Web Fusion Corporation,
Mari Lit

Display all your opportunities worldwide on 3 virtual vending with webfusion machines.

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